Ron L.

I have used Andy Kolar and American Inspections eight times over the past six years when buying single family homes in Iowa City for rentals. I have also referred numerous people to Andy when they were buying homes in the area. I meet with Andy on site at the conclusion of his inspection and he shows me and explains any areas of concern he may have. Andy is a professional and checks every major component of the house. I have used other inspectors over the years before Andy was recommended to me. I use Andy exclusively now because he is in my opinion the best inspector in the area hands down. The inspection report and Radon Test results are emailed to me the morning after the inspection every time.

Danny R.

Andy was great to work with and we feel lucky to have had him inspect our new home. He was professional and went above and beyond by climbing into the tight attic space to closely inspect roof concerns. He took the time to explain his findings and offer advice for future improvements to the home. All of this is in addition to a thorough report that explains his findings in greater detail. I would highly recommend Andy and we will use him again in the future.

Abby M.

Buying a home and the inspection process was all very new to us. We were overwhelmed at first as we had no idea what to expect, but Andy did a fabulous job walking us through everything he found in the home and explaining it in terms that made sense. He completed an extremely detailed inspection so we knew exactly what we were walking in to as we continued the home buying process. I appreciate how thorough he was with the home and how genuine his services were. His inspection report is also SO simple to read which helps a ton. We completely recommend American Inspections.

Eric J.

Andy did a very thorough home inspection and identified several issues that could have cost us thousands of dollars if missed. Really appreciated his attention to detail and professionalism. Highly recommended!

Chris O.

Andy Kolar with American Inspections, Inc. did a great job helping us evaluate our new home. We were purchasing from a distance, so his insightful commentary and willingness to answer detailed follow-up questions were invaluable. We highly recommend him next time you need a home inspection.

Leslie C.

Just a terrific inspection. Clear language and super thorough. He found 4 issues all of which were addressed by the seller in our case. The value of the repairs was much greater than the cost of the inspection.

George S.

Andy was very professional and thorough. He answered all of our questions during the inspection, and even after it was completed days later. We would highly recommend American Inspections.

Tom & Sue K.

American Inspections Inc is excellent. They were extremely thorough, and spent a great deal of time educating us on what we need to do to maintain our new home. Their detailed report listed everything they went over during the inspection, which we really appreciated as first-time home buyers. In addition, their report included a prioritized list of improvements, which was very helpful when putting together our Remedy Request. They also had a quick turn around for the report.

Dennis S.

Andy is a great professional. He provides a very thorough document following the inspection and shows you things in person while you’re there. We’ve had a thorough home inspection from him twice. Once it was for a house that we ended up passing on because of the issues brought up in the inspection.

Rachel L.

After calling several local home inspection companies, I scheduled an appointment with American Inspections; they were, without doubt, the most professional company I talked to. Despite the quick turnaround I was asking of them, they were able to squeeze my appointment in, and Andy did a wonderfully thorough job.

After completing his inspection, Andy walked us around the house and backyard to point out everything he looked at, and the things he noted in his report. As first-time home buyers, it gave us peace of mind to see how thorough he was, to ask him questions and hear his detailed explanations.

The completed report, including a radon test, was emailed to us within 24 hours, with captioned photos and descriptive explanations. This made it very easy to discern what we would ask our house sellers to fix before we took possession. It also made it clear to the sellers what we were asking for even though they didn’t get to talk with Andy directly.

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