New Construction Inspection

When buying a brand new house, you might not even think about getting an inspection. Your developer is reputable, so what’s there to inspect if the property has never even been used? The answer is, potentially plenty. Over the years, we at American Inspections Inc have run into all sorts of issues with new construction. […]

Zero Lot Lines and Condo Inspection

As the owner of a condominium or a zero lot line house, you share some amount of space with neighbors. This could be just a narrow corridor dividing your two properties, or it could be actual amenities such as HVAC, pools, and gardens. Either way, you also share the responsibility of maintaining these spaces. From […]

Commercial Property Inspection

Buying a commercial building is an investment, a business decision that must be made with full awareness of all relevant factors. At American Inspections Inc, our licensed commercial inspectors stand ready to assist you in any way possible. We keep your bottom line in mind, estimating how much work the property requires and how that […]

Reliable Radon Testing

Radon gas occurs naturally as the product of uranium breakdown in soil, rock, and water. It does not last long but it is radioactive and can easily be inhaled, which makes it a health hazard. Every year, radon is estimated to cause thousands of lung cancer deaths in the United States. The risk is particularly […]

Residential Property Inspection

Before agreeing to buy a property, it’s critically important that you have it assessed by a licensed home inspector. At American Inspections Inc, we have a team of professional inspectors standing at your disposal, ready to thoroughly assess the condition of the property. We make sure everything’s up to code so that you can make […]

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